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If your job requires you to drive for a living, then you may be putting yourself at risk on every shift. There’s a chance you can come across rowdy passengers or pedestrians trying to block your way and attack your vehicle. Additionally, there’s a much higher chance you’ll get into a road accident if you’re driving a vehicle all day every day.

The best way to protect yourself and your vehicle is by purchasing one of the many CCTV dash cams that we have on offer.

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A camera should be one of your top priorities to protect both yourself and your vehicle.


Be amazed at the difference security cameras can make to the behaviour of passengers.


A lot of the dash cams we provide are able to connect to your smart phone to stream.


Feel Safe

People are far less likely to get violent if they know everything is being recorded. It will make you feel a lot safer when you’re on your shifts – particularly if you’re working late into the night and have a lot of drunk customers.

Connect to your phone

Our company offers a full range of exceptional dash cams that come with incredible special features such as the ability to connect to your smartphone and stream video footage. Feel free to get in touch today if you want to purchase one of the models we have on offer. All footage can be backed up to Apple or Android Cloud accounts

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    As soon as your car is involved in an accident you need to take the following steps to ensure you do not break the law. Your duties are to stop, to give information, in some cases to produce your insurance certificate and in some cases to report the accident to…

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