Since our inception, we’ve been working hard to provide in-vehicle dash cameras at the best prices possible. With over 10 years of experience, our company knows this industry inside out. The dash cams we provide are all top quality models from some of the most reliable brands around. Each one has a set of special features that make it even more effective at securing your vehicle and keeping you safe.

  • We cater to the commercial and domestic market – most notably taxi drivers and firms, transport companies, private drivers, school buses, and loads of other commercial fleet companies too.

  • We’re based in the Essex area and will install cameras if you’re local to us. However, most models are easy to install by yourself so don’t be afraid to purchase from us if you’re outside of our local area.


Having been in this business for so long, we know that there are unique risks for workers in the transport industry. Passengers can get aggressive, vehicles can be damaged, not only is this scary for drivers, but it can also cost a company or an individual a lot of money. Without proper security, it’s hard for someone to prove that a passenger was abusive or track down a vandal that damaged their vehicle. We solve these problems by providing cameras that film everything inside your vehicle. If anyone tries anything that’s against the law or makes you uncomfortable, you’ll catch it on camera and have the evidence right there.